The Lidocaine is a rock/metal band coming from Helsinki,Finland, formed in december 2007. Debut album Voices and Noises of KILING KOLING was released in june 2009. Second album On The Road to MIERO was released in february 2013.Third album Chicken cage of HORROR will be released on 13.03.2015.

'On the Roadto Miero' shares something of the power and passion of the very best heavy metal.

 Michael Anthony / Uberrock

Each track on On the Road to Miero is composed intelligently and masterfully, exposing the listener to a unique and satisfying journey. I immediately listened to the entire album again and again, catching pieces of musicianship that I overlooked from previous spins.Without a doubt, On the Road to Miero is one of the best albums to drop in 2013.

Corey Morris / The Metal Review

Unhinged metal is probably the best description I can give of what the band produce, could be a whole new sub-genre there.The Lidocaine won’t be for everyone, but there are moments of greatness here. If you like a bit of a musical challenge then The Lidocaine may just provide the hit you’re after.

David Wilson / Getreadytorock

The album is packed full of good heavy hard rock tracks. The guitars are nice and prominent in the mix and have a really heavy feel and that plus some great tunes is what gives the album it’s core sound.A great album – well worth a listen.

Ant May / Planetmosh

This is metal, with so many influences that I don’t know where to start so I don’t think that there is any point as this complex, intelligent metal is both unlike anything you have come across before yet is also very familiar indeed

Kev Rowland /MLWZ